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Sergio Bustamante Parrot BEFORE and AFTER

Sergio Bustamante Parrot Restoration

I own a 5.5-foot red paper mache Parrot that was created by Sergio Bustamante. I have had it for some time, and it always makes me feel good to have it in the house.


Recently it fell off its perch and was significantly damaged. The breast, the talons and the tail as well as some internal items were in need of repair. I checked various places to see how to get it restored, if possible. After the recommendation on the Bustamante website, I talked with Jeff Meyer. He is in Chicago, and I ultimately agreed to let him perform the restoration – with more than a little trepidation, mainly because of the geography. Shipping of something this size is a bit problematic, but we got that handled.


About a month after I sent the Parrot to Jeff, it arrived back in Denver. The restoration job was terrific – as good as new – maybe even better. Jeff is a true craftsman and cares about his work, and I am delighted with the results and can enthusiastically recommend him if you have a need of any restoration work. I also believe he provides real value for his services, and they are fairly priced.


Dennis Ginther


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