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Sergio Bustamante Cockatoo BEFORE and AFTER

Sergio Bustamante Cockatoo Restoration

We own an artist proof Bustamante Cockatoo that we have had hanging in our home for twenty some years. My wife readjusted the perch, and the metal chain snapped the plastic hook at the ceiling.

Our bird crashed to the floor, crushed his crest and cracked his wing. We were "crestfallen" and very upset. My wife found Jeff on the internet and checked out his website. We spoke to him, sent him photos, and packed and shipped our bird in a custom crate.

Jeff set a price for the repair after seeing the art in his studio, and then began the restoration after getting 50% payment. He restored the Cockatoo to perfection! You would never know it fell or was broken in any way. Jeff gave the repair a lot of love, with careful attention to detail. Matching all the colors and fine details of the feathers, etc. Jeff sent us progress pictures of the repair work. He packed the art meticulously for its safe return after receiving our final payment. We can highly recommend Jeff Meyer for any Bustamante or paper mache repair you may need.

Bruce Taylor, MD
(410) 465-3674


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