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Sergio Bustamante Brasil BEFORE and AFTER

Sergio Bustamante Brasil Restoration

I purchased a Bustamante Brasil sculpture, and when I returned home it was broken. The next time I visited Puerto Vallarta the Bustamante Gallery recommended you to make the repairs. I contacted you and shipped Brasil to your studio.

When you saw it, we had several phone calls. I then prepaid for having the restoration work performed; you furnished pictures illustrating the progress. In a short period of time I received the Brasil back and was completely satisfied.

I liked the sculpture more with the changes that you made to my piece. I will recommend you to anyone needing repairs for their works of art.

Austin Fontenot

1615 West 14 Street
Houston, TX 77008
(713) 868-7419 Home
(713) 296-6382 Office
(713) 206-1268 Cell


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